Our Impact

We’re on a mission to make sustainable financial planning the default.
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It’s time to challenge the norm

What is financial planning and how is it unsustainable?

Our sustainable financial planning principles

We think that all financial planning should be sustainable financial planning and we openly share our methodology with our competitors.
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We base our financial planning on assumptions about the future that are reasonable even in the face of climate change. We listen to the science.
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We have a conversation with you about the physical risks that might affect you, your family, your business or your assets and investments. We take time to understand how different risks will apply at different stages in your life. We factor in the costs or opportunities created by dealing with these risks.
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Our sustainable financial plan will discuss the transition and zeitgeist risks that could affect your business, your assets, or your investment portfolios.
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Our planning Is solution orientated. It allows you to make smart investment and lifestyle decisions, avoiding the worst risks and maximising the potential of your financial future.

Our theory of change

We want to build an economy of the future that enables people to live well, within the ecological ceiling imposed by planetary boundaries.


Change the world by changing money.


Change money by changing the rules of the game.


To change the rules we need to collaborate with partners, have influence with them and demonstrate best practice and thought leadership
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Switchfoot Wealth is a Certified B Corporation

There are over 6000 B-corps in the world, and Switchfoot Wealth is one of them. Having a B-corp certification means declaring we’re here to do business for good. We commit to meeting high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. We love B Corp because it is a big bold idea – reform and replace capitalism with stakeholder capitalism.

We partner with change-makers

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We strive to be a force for good in our clients' lives so they go on to be a force for good in the world.

Our biggest environmental effect, by a country mile, is how our clients are invested. We help our clients become more resilient and environmentally friendly by showing them the environmental and social impact of their money and by supporting them in making better long term choices. For most people, most of the time (and certainly for our clients) how they invest and where they bank is the biggest impact they can have.
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Dive into the detail

The theme of this years impact report is ‘System Change’.  Read on to find out how we are intervening in the financial planning system in order to bring about wider societal change.  We believe we have identified a leverage point in the system and we intend to lean on it. 

Over time we will build a library of past impact reports, there is some great content in our first impact report that is worth checking out!

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